Hotel Towels

Our Hotel Towels are fluffy and soft found in boutique hotels, providing a taste of luxury living all 365 days of the year. They are made from 100% cotton and are indulgent as spa towel and ideal for getting that pampered feel everyday. Available in classy white, our quality hotel towels make a wonderful moving or wedding gift.

Their key features include 100% cotton hotel towel, Color: bleached white, with Dobby border/plain terry/jacquard design, 61s/1 or 21s/2 for pile, with carded/combed / Egyptian yarn and very good water absorption. From indulgently soft white towels, embroidered cotton guest towels and baby towels, we provide a fine selection of luxury hotel towels.


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Indulgently Soft

Color / Design:
Bleached White with Dobby Border/ Plain/Terry & Jacquard designs